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New/Stanton Meth Bars V2

We just got a restock of our shop brand bars/Stanton Meth Bar V2’s.This is my second run of these bars and we did a couple changes to them to help make them stronger.First of we thickened the clamp area to 0.83 when the first run had 0.65.The second change we did was Swedge the tubing that that is welded to the clamp area.So basically the tube tapers and gets larger so when it meets the tube it gets more of a wrap increasing the welded area.You can see what im talking about with the pics i posted.Come in the shop or purchase them on our online store!




Espn’s coverage of everything!

Jared Souney shot some photos for Espn’s coverage of the Birth of Big Air here.


Here is a write up they did on the Stanton Meth Bars.After you read this you can by them here.



So i have been wanting to start up a house brand since we started.We decided to go with the name Stanton because it is the street in front of the shop.Here is the first product we have decided to release.The Stanton Meth bar.These bars are built around a timeless 4 peice design.
Specs are.
8.5′ rise,12′ back,1′ up, .065 main tubes and .049 crossbar.
(26.1 oz.)
Get yours here!

Here is what they look like on Vic Murphy’s bike.


Picture 2

Picture 3

Sneak Peek

Something about jared souney’s bike looks real good in this pic!