Cascadia Volume 3

Cascadia Volume 3 from Goods Bmx on Vimeo.

We upgraded to some new cameras so i decided to dump all my SD footage into an edit. Featuring Justin Inman, Hobie Doan, DFG, Chester Blacksmith,Matty Aquizap, Bruce Crisman, Nathan Hines, Lots of NW homies & Shawn McIntosh ends it all with a monster wallride

Evan Lane – That’s a Wrap

Team rider Evan Lane holds it down for Locals Only in his new edit!

It’s a new year!!

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Hey everyone! New year here and im going to try and stay up on the blog this year! I feel i kinda fell off last year but im going to get it rolling!
I just want to say congrats to ‘Diggy’ for getting on Stranger! He is down in Cali right now with Caleb Q doing some stuff that im very excited to see!

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Stuff is starting to roll back in after Christmas to get the shop stocked back up. I’m super excited we are getting Animal stuff again! GLH & TWW tires,Edwin grips,& Frko shirts are all in stock!
Head over to the online store and order yourself some stuff!

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Davey Watson – Shola Video

Always family! Davey is a beast!



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Come by the shop today or order online!!!

2015 SOS Jam


Click the link here to check out some of the riding that went down at the SOS Jam/Vintage show this month!


Click here to check out what went down at the Vintage side of the event!

#Glenhaven Bike Park

The man DFG just came thru with these two dope videos focused around everyones favorite park, Glenhaven!
Give em a watch!

Shadow ‘What Could Go Wrong’ Premier Friday Aug 14th! 6PM


Goods/Subrosa Park Party!

Boom! Big thanks to all the guys at Subrosa for swinging thru!
I posted there stop in Salem just in case you have not seen it!

Hobie Doan Welcome To The Team!